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complete guide first NISSAN stadium

To the first watching

First of all, thank you for thinking about going to see Marinos!

This page is for people who want to watch Marinos at Nissan Stadium for the first time, but who do not know what to do.

I’m writing a blog thinking that it would be nice if I could support it so that your first visit would be fun.

I think that it is full of things you do not know if you visit Nissan Stadium at the first time, so I will try to explain a little.

Note: This article is for a J league match at NISSAN Stadium, and NOT for a cup match or a friendly match etc. 

At First We Grasp Roughly

I think that there is a lot of anxiety that you can not see the whole picture, so let’s get a rough idea first.

I will put three links to help you understand the big picture.

Note: These are all Japanese pages, so translate them using Google Translate etc.

Game Guide

It is a game watching guide listed on the official site of Marinos.

Game Guide” is written as “試合観戦ガイド“.

 You can get an overview if you look it.


Game Guide   Yokohama F・Marinos Official

Hanako Recommended for watching soccer on holidays at Shin-Yokohama Nissan Stadium, which even beginners can enjoy

 This site is a watching guide of Marinos that women’s magazine called Hanako has introduced.

The photos are full and easy to understand.


Recommended for watching soccer on holidays at Shin-Yokohama Nissan Stadium, which even beginners can enjoy  Hanako 

The supporter commented “How to enjoy watching”


The supporters explain how to enjoy the game.

You can see from the following 3 patterns.

It is fun to look at the detailed explanation with lots of photos.
Furthermore it is very easy to understand because it is a point of view from supporters.
I recommend it!

When is the match?

Look at the fixtures of Marinos English site .

If you would like to watch at Nissan Stadium, please select “Nissan. S”.

Or, look at the official schedule of Marinos.
Note: This site is also all Japanese, so translate it using Google Translate etc.

If you would like to watch at Nissan Stadium, please select “Nissan Stadium” or the game written on “Home Nissan”.

By the way, note that it is different from the tournament league match which fights over the cup match and it is written that “The J League YBC Levain Cup” and “The Emperor’s Cup”.

It depends on the year, but it is league match to fight through from February to December.

Which seat should I look at?

You have to buy a ticket when the day you go is decided.

But which seat ticket should you buy?

So I will explain!

About the type of seat

I will explain the types of seats roughly.

First of all, where should you sit to support Marinos?

It is the place I surrounded in blue in the figure below.

This is the place where people who want to support Marinos sit.

On the other hand, the away side that is the opponent who is not Marinos becomes below.

away side

Generally called a visitor.

Please make sure not to buy here.

Main stand

Next is about the highest seat that is the main stand.

Main stand is popularly called as “Main”.

The “Main” is the figure below.

main stand

It is a very easy-to-see seat because it is expensive.
You can see the players closely from the main stand because the benches where the coaches and the players of both teams sit are nearby.

Also, since these seats are reserved seats, there is no concern that you have to go early and take good seats.

▼ View from the main central SSS seat that is a left picture and the SS seat that is a right picture.

The main stand has not only reserved seats but also free seats.
Main free seat is set near the corner.

▼ View from the main SA seat that is a left picture and the main free seat that is a right picture.

There are the main pair seats.
The main pair seats are not only easy to see, but also there are presents.

▼The pair seat details. The view feels the same as the SS seat.

Back Stand

Next about the back stand.

▼The seat called back stand is below.

back stand

The back stand is cheaper than the main one, but it is also easy to see.
I think the difference with the main side is whether the bench is near or not.

This is also mostly reserved seat.

▼View from the back stand central SB seats that is a left picture and the SC seats that is a right picture.

The reserved seats called the back upper zone is on both sides of the central SB seat on the second floor.

There is also a free seat near the corner on the back stand side.

▼View from the back free seats near the corner that is a left picture and the back upper zone on the second floor that is a right picture.

The last thing I want to introduce on the back stand side is the Family Zone.
I would recommend a seat for small children.
There are two reasons.

  • Family zone is close to a clean restroom and a baby break room with diaper change board and nursing space.
  • There is a “kids pitch land Fa-Fa” on the pitch, so it is okay if the child gets bored.

▼ kids pitch land Fa-Fa

Only on sunny day, this facility is not open on rainy day.

▼ Family zone image. The view feels the same as the SC seat.

Family Zone tickets are sold in sets of 2 or 3 including children from elementary and junior high school.
In addition, family zone is free seat.

North Side Stand

Lastly, about the north side stand common name “behind the goal”.

The following picture is what is called supporters’ seat in Marinos.

North side stand

Supporters’ seats are the cheapest ticket, but please think that the first floor is basically standing because the seats are for cheering people.

If you’re interested in cheering, I think it would be better to start with the supporters’ seats on the second floor.

If you want to watch the game at a low price, you can sit and watch it if you avoid the center on the second floor.

These seats are all free seats.

▼View from the supporters’ seat. The photo is a view from the center on the first floor.

Where are the best seats for people to watch for the first time?

Now check the tweets of the Marinos supporters based on the above.

Let’s take a look at the call leader’s tweet.
By the way, the call leader is the person who brings together the supporters of Marinos.

He says,

As Amano entered Japan national team, I think there are many people who want to call their friends to the stadium. Seats for first-time visitors recommended by Marinos are Main Free Seats and Back Stand Free seats. The main seat and the back stand seat have different entrances from the supporters seat, so it is not necessary to line up the supporters seat’s long waiting queue. Marinos supporters please recommend it by all means.

Call leader recommends Main Free Seats and Back Stand Free seats.

SS and SA seats are also recommended for those who want to watch leisurely.

If the above sentence is translated,

I think that the power, service and satisfaction are high if you look at the SS and SA seats. Tickets are a little expensive, but it’s fun to think about where to watch the next game.

In the main SS and SA seats, seats are secured, players can be seen nearby and, of course, play can be viewed perfectly.

I think you can see the whole calmly from these seats.

Let’s buy a ticket!

First of all, there are advance tickets and tickets for the day.

I recommend a pre-sale ticket.

Advance ticket

So how should you buy a pre-sale ticket?

It is easy to understand if you see the page of how to buy a ticket in Marinos official site.

Note: These are all Japanese pages, so translate them using Google Translate etc.

In summary, the purchase method is Web purchase or over-the-counter purchase.

WEB Purchase

You can buy a ticket in English from Marinos official English web site.

The procedure is as follows.

First, please choose the match you want to watch.

When you choose the match, you should be careful about the stadium.
“NHK SPRING.F” is different from NISSAN stadium.

When you click “Buy Tickets” button, you jump to web site.
Then, please choose “Buy Ticket” button again.

From here, you finally buy the ticket.
The page will show up like a following figure.

After that, please follow the order.

One thing I want to mention is that you should print out QR code or take a screenshot because the internet may be difficult to connect in the stadium.

In Japanese, there are four types of Web purchases.

I recommend Marinos official web site 「Ticket F・Marinos 」.
It is easy to see with illustrations and photos.

Over-The-Counter Purchase

You can purchase over-the-counter at three locations.

If you can read Japanese, I think that over-the-counter purchase is easy with Seven Eleven.
Otherwise I think that TRICOLORE ONE NISSAN Stadium shop is good.
The staff must help you to buy a ticket.
Also there are goods in  TRICOLORE ONE NISSAN Stadium shop and it is fun to see.

Tickets For Today

The day ticket will be purchased at a ticket office of Nissan Stadium.
▼The ticket office of Nissan Stadium is just red circled.

NISSAN ticket office

Before the game, the ticket office may be crowded, and in the case of reserved seats, you may not be able to get the desired seat.
Even if you have free seat tickets, it is better to enter early, so I think it would be better to have a ticket in advance.

So I recommend pre-sale thickets than day tickets.

The next page is about the game day.
I’ll talk about belongings and how to spend in Nissan Stadium.


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